What is “Reflections of a Boston Lawyer”?

Reflections of a Boston Lawyer (“RBL”) is a weekly newsletter designed to inspire and inform readers and offer reasons for hope and joy in challenging times. It is written by Donald R. Frederico, a semi-retired lawyer and long-time blogger who draws from current events, music, film, literature, law, philosophy, and religion in providing his perspectives on the lives we share. Through his writing, Don seeks to inject a dose of optimism and an element of compassion into the current conversation. As he explains in a post entitled “Why I Write”:

[W]e aren’t solitary creatures, we don’t exist in isolation, and we don’t have to be solo artists. Each of us has a voice, and those voices, when combined, can form a chorus of thought, of feeling, even of love that has the potential to change the world. Every writer, in their own small way, can play a part in a larger anthem. It may be harmonious or discordant. It may convey hope or despair. It may evoke joy or sadness. But the more voices that are added, the more powerful, the more significant and, ideally, the more beautiful the song becomes.

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Reflections of a Boston Lawyer is a weekly newsletter that aims to inspire readers through philosophical musings about current events, culture, and the arts.


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